Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Happenings

Happenings since February 17th!
  • I finally made it back to school the following week!!! That was a victory. I still have a slight cough but other than that I was good to go. BUT things just don't work out that peachy do they? Instead another health problem occurred, and no I am not sharing it on this blog. I will tell you this. I thought that I was dieing and my sweet sister Adrienne told me I wasn't. Aren't we all relieved? My family got a good kick out of it. I just have to laugh at the uncomfortable things in life!
  • February 29th we got together with Vance's friend Ryan and my friend Sarah. We had been playing different games for a couple hours and Sarah just kept winning. So she decided to raise the stakes and add a couple twists to the game. The loser had a food dare they had to do or another dare of the groups choice. Sarah was the first to lose! And then Ryan...and then Vance. Now Vance refused to drink our concoctions. So his dare was to dance to: a song of our choice, in the clothing of our choice, and he could not stop. Now if you know Vance then you know that he does not dance (at least in front of people). I have NEVER laughed so hard in my entire life. The video will be posted as soon as we can get it for your entertainment!
  • March 1st Vance and his friend Ryan went snowboarding at a small place called Kelley Canyon. They went to the car to get some stuff and found our window busted out. There were two backpacks in the car that were taken. One of them had all of Vance's school stuff. Luckily Vance got a call from some guy saying he found his bag ditched on the side of the road! All that was missing were the electronics from his bag.
  • March 7th Vance turned 25!!! He had an ice hockey game and he wanted to play. So we packed our things and loaded the bus to Missuola, Montana. It was really fun in Missuola. Vance and his team played really well and had so much fun.
  • March 8th my mom found me a great deal on a plane ticket to fly down to Arizona for my best friends wedding! And I can't wait to see everyone and be in warm weather. It was also my amazing and beautiful mothers birthday!!!

I think that just about sums it up!