Friday, February 15, 2008

An Uneventful Week

I am addicted to reading everyones blogs. They are all so funny and entertaining! So I am intimidated to write because I know that mine aren't going to be that funny. Ok I have proclaimed my fear of the blogging world. Now I have to get over it and move on.

Like I said in my previous post I have been planning a fundraiser for school. Well it happened on Saturday and was a great success. We raised just under $1700!!! We averaged everything out and we had at least 180 little girls come through to be made up into princesses. I started with 30 crowns at 10am and they were gone by 10:30! It was nuts. So that was my victory for the month. (you can see pics on my friend Stephanie Mitchells blog)

Well in all of the stress of organizing a fundraiser in less than two weeks I got sick. Sunday morning I woke up with a fever, congestion...the works. We went to the doctors and I found out that I had caught bronchitis. So I had been cooped up in my room with not much to do. But I finally began to feel well again so I decided to go to school. BIG MISTAKE. I, out of all the girls in school, got a client with thick hair to her butt. Now the length of hair is important. My ticket said "all over color." My heart sank as she explained that she wanted us to go through the weave that had been done on her head and recolor the browns that were ruined by the previous
stylist she had gone to. This is such a tedious job. I had to go through at a little smaller than 1/4in sections and then slice off that and weave out the discolored browns. Once I got that far I had to place the foil beneath it, paint the color on and make a packet. Well I started getting really hot and sick again and had to leave my client and go home. If only I had had a cut or scalp treatment! But let me just tell you out of love to all of you who get weaves...DON"T! There are other ways of achieving that natural look, and they take half the time! And to my sisters, I will never do a weaves for you there is way too much hair on all of your heads.

Oh I have to say that Vance took great care of me. And Loralee thanks for such a cute blog!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Hitch

Ok so today was a hectic day. So at school we have student run programs and I am part of student council. Until the end of April we are having fundraisers for four different foundations. Now the really neat thing about this is that it is not just my school that is participating but all other Paul Mitchell partner schools. Now the fun thing for my school is that we just started planning events in January and all other schools have been planning since November! STRESS!!!
So I am one of the creative masters over Princess Days which is this Saturday, and I do have to say that it is going to rock. But we have been a little behind on having everything that we have needed. So I gathered some girls from my team and we went out to do some advertising and pick up some supplies. Oh, did I mention that it snowed at least six inches last night? So with all the snow the roads were slick and blindingly bright. So I was backing out of our final destination to return to school. I checked behind me to make sure that I was clear. So I am going and CRUNCH! I hit a parked car....not a moving car...a parked car. The car was white and everything behind me was so bright I missed it. Luckily my hitch just went into her passenger headlight. Now some people may say "luckily??" But if the hitch was not there is could have been much worse. So I am grateful for hitches. Anyway one of the other girls on my team had rearended someone so it also could have been much worse.
So that was my adventure for the day. Surprisingly enough Vance wasn't even mad! What a great day.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Vance and I finally have internet in our apartment due to some wonderful new neighbors. So here I go with blogging...

Vance is going to BYU-Idaho and stuyding Mechanical Engineering. He will have one more semester after this and is so excited. He is also playing on a competive ice hockey team called the Rexburg Bulldogs. Within the past two weeks they played in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. I was able to go this past weekend to watch them play in Montana. I have now decided that I get too "into" the game AKA angry that it isn't healthy for me to go to anymore games! But Vance loves playing so that is all that matters.

Right now I am going to The Hair Academy and am loving every minute of it. I am surrouned by great people and amazing energy. I am also involved with student council which has helped me to get more involved with school and the community.