Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have pictures from Valentines Day, just haven't posted them!
I have pictures of the puppies, just haven't posted them!
I have pictures of all of the things we have finished on the house, just haven't posted them!

I am pretty sure that I am a lazy bum. In other news Vance turned 27 on Sunday. We had a birthday bash that was totally wicked. Good food, great people and lots of laughs. Tuesday night he left for New Mexico (somewhere near Santa Fe, and yes I started to sing the song) to go snowboarding. He will be back sometime on Saturday...Sunday...maybe never. He LOVES snow + boarding just about as much as me. I had to pleasure of taking Chuck to the vet for his last shots. I felt bad leaving Elsie home that I thought what the heck lets take them both...I am stupid. My puppies may be small in stature but they are crazy. They love people and other animals. So naturally they wanted to meet everyone and thing. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN. That was the longest hour of my life. Chuck now out weighs Elsie by 2 pounds! Love it. Elsie is just crazy and became more crazy when she got spayed. The doctors say she won't calm down for about 6 months. Chuck is the snuggler of the group and also our little guardian. I will find him in his room next to the window barking at the people outside. Can the people hear him, no! But the poor guy can't catch a break from Elsie. She will wait for him to come outside to go to the bathroom. He has to brace himself for the attack he faces once he leaves the house. And no matter how fast he runs he can't keep up with her yet. Elsie prances around the back yard with her head in the air like a brat taunting Chuck with "you can't catch me." Ok enough about my pups. I love them but no one really wants to read about that. I am going to sleep now I think.