Monday, October 20, 2008

So I must thank you all for helping me out in my quest to meet John Paul, etc. The contest is ended and of course I have no clue who has won or anything!
My parents came up October 10-12. It was so much fun to have them up here. Friday night we went out to dinner and visited. Saturday morning we went to the Rexburg Temple. That was the first time Vance and I had gone through for a session and it was so neat to share that with my parents. Afterwards we went down the hill so I could show off the amazing school that I go to. Later that day I treated mom to a pedicure and I got my hair colored for a fashion show that evening. I then ran mom home where we ate some dinner and then I was off to school to get my model and myself ready for the fashion show! It was so neat to see everything come together. And more importantly it made me feel so great to share this with not only my parents but Vance, Devin, Andrea, and Grandma Bowman. I was a little bummed out that I couldn't sit next to Dad though! The looks on his face were priceless. Andrea was lucky enough to sit next to him and said that it was funny listening to his reactions. All in all it was a great night. The room was packed and it was just awesome! Mom and Dad left Sunday afternoon and so we were put back into normal life again!
Monday the 13th was our 2 year anniversary! The first part of the day Vance spent at school. He came home around 4pm and we were off. He blindfolded me and drove around town in circles. We finally ended up at the AmericInn. He got the most amazing room ever! We went out to eat at a Thai restaurant (it is so good) and then just spent time together the rest of the night. It was so simple but so great! I love you Vance!!!
So the end is in sight now! School will be over and done for the both of us in December. Vance has applied to a lot of different companies. He has interviewed with two in Texas and has another interview this week for a position in New York! As of now we have no clue where we will end up. Our new adventure will soon begin and I can not wait.
Heavenly Father has blessed us this past year so abundantly. I am so grateful for the love and support of family and friends. I know that I wouldn't be this happy without your love. I have to get going now but I will try to be better at updating!