Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paul Mitchell Contest

Paul Mitchell is having a you tube contest that all Future Professionals in all of the schools nationwide is invited to participate in. And I really really really want to win!!! The grand prize is an all paid airfare, hotel, and dinner with John Paul Dejoria and Winn Claybaugh. So here is the deal. The winners are picked by the HIGHEST NUMBER OF VIEWS and HIGHEST RANKING. So here is where all of you come into play and your friends and family that their friends and family! I am going to post the link as soon as I get my video up and running. You will all need to view JUST my video as often as possible and then rank it high!!! You can view it as much as you want (please view it a lot) and then I would love you to tag everyone on your blog list with it. Voting goes from the time my video is uploaded until October 18. This is so important to me. Love you all!!!!!!! So keep your eyes open for the link!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am alive and well...just busy! School owns me hence never hearing from me. Currently I am set to graduate on December 17th but I am shooting for the end of November. Vance is on his last semester!!!! We have to be out of our apartment December 30th. We love you all!! And I have two of the cutest new nieces...!!! FYI Vance and I are going to rock you at th ebiggest loser!!