Thursday, May 8, 2008

Picture Update

This is twice in once night but I am on a role. When my best friend was coming out of the temple I had my camera ready to take pictures. After a few shots my camera beeped at me. My memory card was full. Later on I went through my pictures and discovered that I had pictures on my camera from ALMOST two years ago! So here are some pictures of last summer up until a couple of weeks ago!

All right! So much has happened these past three weeks! But in order for me to blog more often each event has to be strategically blogged.

So my first big thing that I did was go to Arizona. I was there for about 5 days and I welcomed the warmth with open arms....but would I ever live there??? I got to spend time with my amazing family.

Thursday I saw my first ultrasound ever and it was the most amazing thing. My face was pretty much right up next to the monitor.
Friday was the big day, the reason I was there. My best friend Marissa got married to her sweetheart. She has been my best friend since 7th grade and she has become part of the family.

Saturday Adrienne had her first piano recital for her students. They all did really well and you could tell by her students performances that she is an amazing teacher. Later on that afternoon the kids went swimming in an ice cold pool as a just soaked up the sun and watched them.
Sunday Von and Lindsey were finishing up their packing for their move to Ohio. We all loaded in the car to go and help them.
Monday I flew back to Salt Lake City. From there I loaded onto a bus to Rexburg. That was the worst part of my trip. The bus was late and there was no air conditioning.

The trip was amazing. I managed to eat In-N-Out 3 times and called Vance on all of those occasions to gloat. And it was great to see family and old friends.