Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh how the time passes by

Since April a lot of stuff has happened! Vance got a new calling in addition to our current one. He now works with the deacons. Softball season ended and now the summer league has begun. Vance missed his second game and last nights game was rained out!
From May 14 - June 7 I was in beautiful California. My sister had some major surgery and I offered to go out and help her. The initial recovery takes about 6 weeks but on top of that she has 4 boys! And then on top of that her husband has a dental practice to run and is the bishop in their ward!
There were moments when I wanted to cry but in the end I wouldn't have traded my time there for anything. I saw two parents actively involved in the lives of their children and one another. Collins is a successful business man but more importantly a loving father and husband. When he gets home it is all about his wife and boys. And once everyone is tucked in bed he then gets back to work on his practice or church calling.
My sister is a great example of strength and perseverance to me. Despite the pain that she was in, she would have her children gathered around her to read scriptures with her. She would go over homework with them, talk about their days, and constantly tell them how great they are and that she loves them so much.
We live in a society where the family is falling apart.
Despite the trials we face it is possible to raise a righteous family. It is possible to be successful in your career to provide for your family as well as being there for your family. My sister and her husband are great examples of this is, as well as my other sisters.