Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here in Texas it is HUGE, to the point of people canning their ammo. Guns were not a topic in southern California. I remember being told guns are bad. So to my dismay Vance has become friends with some gun lovers. They have tried to sway me to let Vance get a gun. I have ferventley said no, no oh and NO!
Unfortunatley there have been some events that have caused me to question our saftey, especially since we are considering having children. SO...we will be getting a gun as well as installing a security system...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I love my husband

I love that he feels it would be SO funny to put of picture of snot hanging out of my nose on the blog. But it will stay there for all posterity to see, because I promised not to remove it before I saw it! In all fairness he did have to deal with all of the snot coming out of my nose for two weeks...

In other news I have been in a crafty mood! I am in the process of decking out some tanks and making some jewelry inspired by something I saw from Anthro. It is just a matter of assembling it(better yet figuring out HOW to assemble it). Once I am done I will take some pictures. I am REALLY excited for the out come.

At 4:45am we will be heading to the airport via our amazing friend Jeni! Our destination is Portland, Oregon. Vance's best friend is getting married in the Portland Temple on Saturday. Before the wedding festivities begin we are going to Yakima, WA to see Mason and Kim and their cute boys!!! And we are hoping to see little Tessa. This trip is much needed and Vance and I are so excited. It is truly going to be a special week.

On the downside today is going to be crazy busy! Vance and I are both working. After work I have to run some errands, do my cousins hair, mow the lawn, run more errands, having a family over for dinner and the pool (they are watching the pups while we are gone!), pack, clean up, shower! I can do this right? YES I CAN!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So Julianne had a cold. She was blowing her nose in the car. Well, the picture tells the rest of the story.