Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Goal

So my new goal is Birthday's. If I physically see you I am great at remembering them. But everyone else is neglected. So starting May I will be doing my best to get cards out! I love getting a card and I love giving cards so I am super excited!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So yesterday I didn't have to work. We decided to have some fun. YARD WORK (the joys of owning a home)!!! While Vance was working in the backyard I took on the front yard. I did an amazing job at mowing my front yard. Because I am SO nice I decided to mow my neighbors yard(Nice meaning I didn't want an ugly yard next to my nice yard). Well half way through their yard I feel this burning pain on my foot(Did I mention I was barefoot?). I looked down to find fireants on my left foot. I killed the mower and in a panic ran to the front door, which was locked. Ran to the back gate to find the padlock locked. I was in such a panic that I was not capable of getting the code in properly to open the garage door. So I am running frantically back and forth my house yelling crazy things trying to get him to open the door. At this point I am thinking my neighbors think that there is some domestic dispute occuring.
**So side note some of you may not know but I have severe reactions to pretty much any biting bug. Hence the dislike for camping or anything like that.**
So I ended up going to Care Now and got two shots. And have since been doped up on Benadryl. And my neighbors yard is only half mowed. And that is my exciting story.