Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun filled week

MONDAY I had the great opportunity to finally take part of my licencing test. I was in and out in about and hour and passed the written portion of my exam. I am now scheduled to take my practical on May 11th. I am a little nervous!

TUESDAY the missionaries had a Zone Conference. Our ward had the wonderful assignment to feed them. So I had the opportunity to go and serve them. It was a lot of fun. I was able to get to know some of the sisters in the ward better. Later that evening we went to tutor. And afterwards we went out to dinner for my birthday! Vance and my friend Katie surprised me with some beautiful flowers and a very cute balloon (Vance picked it out).

WEDNESDAY I was able to go to a Substitute Teaching Training. I am offically able to sub in the Grand Prairie Idependent School District. In the evening Vance went out with the missionaries to visit some part member families in the ward. It was great that he went because he ended up going to a family with a son in our class!

THURSDAY is softball day. Vance had two games. The weather had cooled down which was nice, but the wind was insane. But they won both games. We think that they are second in the league! Afterwards we had dinner at our house with our friends the Meadors.

FRIDAY was a girls craft night. I am used to going to the DI for my crafts so I felt a little disoriented. So I just grabbed random things and took them with me. I stripped a canvas that I had covered and painted it. Then I helped with other peoples projects. We also made to amazing choclated covered strawberries. It was a blast and I look forward to the next craft night! And don't worry, Vance ended up doing fun stuff too.

SATURDAY we got up bright and early to help our friends move! The moving only took a few hours to do and it's always nice when the people your helping are awesome. And we were then rewared by Kevins parents with great burgers and chips! I just have to say that I love the whole Meador Family! Later that evening we went bowling with some friends from the ward!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A few pictures of the happenings in Texas

So Vance and I teach a 14-15 year old Sunday school class. Did I mention that they are all boys? We we decided to have a class party which = lots of food and X-Box! We love our calling and will be even more involved with the boys because Vance has been called as the Assistant Decon Quorem Assistant!

Vance is on a city softball team called the "Has Beens." He was invited to be on the team from a member of the ward. Next to him is our great friend Kevin (who is also in our ward and in the bishopric!) This picture was from this past week. They won their game 18-10!

The remaining three pictures are from Saturday evening. We have made friends with a great couple in the ward, Katie and Kevin. Kevins parents have a REALLY nice boat that they dock at Lake Grapevine. Saturday was beautiful. The water was like glass. The boys and Katie wakeboared while I stayed dry with Kevin's parents. After they played in the water we enjoyed a dinner on the boat thanks to Kev's parents. I promise pictures of me in the water next time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So we have had a wonderful Easter weekend. I feel that one of the many great things that comes from Easter is it's ablity to excite kids. For example, we had dinner at a friends house. To keep the kids entertained the women went outside to "hide" the eggs. Once they were all found one of the kids took the basket to the dad. What did they do? They held onto the basket handle and swung it over their heads and the eggs went flying all over the lawn. And that made the kids even more excited. Sometimes men just have the better idea, right?
So my next great example is my cute neice Emma. It is a rare and treasured moment to speak with her on the phone. But I have figured out the right times to call her. That would be when she takes a trip to California, Christmas time, and of course EASTER! She was so excited about the day that she even invited me to come stay with her. And not for just a short visit. I could stay with her FOREVER. And to top the whole deal off she would share her candy with me. Later Vance asked her if he could come too, she said ok.


Ok so you must me thinking that this has to do with me...but you are wrong. I told Vance a while ago that I would not cut his hair short. So what does he do? He has not let me touch his hair. Really, I have not been allowed to do anything with it. So much so that he has a mullet forming in the back.
He just informed me a few minutes ago that he wants a cut. NOT a trim but cut. I don't want to do it! Some people are just meant to have longer hair, and he is one of them. And I am growing my hair out so shouldn't he also?