Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I know that I am loved

I had such a great birthday yesterday. I went into school to get my hair cut and when I walked in I had friends run up and give me big birthday hugs. Yesterday there was a big hair competition in Pocatello. My friend Amy entered to compete so I stayed at school when my hair was done and helped her out. It was actually really fun and exciting. It helped me to step out of my box and be more creative. Once we were done my friend Regina took me down to Idaho Falls and Vance picked me up. We spent part of our time looking around downtown Idaho Falls and then went and got dinner. When we got home Devin and Andrea were waiting for us and they had a birthday treat, lemon bars! It was low key but really fun.
My phone rang a lot yesterday. I got such wonderful calls from my family. I even had a conversation with my neice Emma, and I loved it. If you know Emma that is a really big deal. I got text messages from friends.and family. I am surrounded by such loving people, and I feel so lucky. Thanks for making it such a great day!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am so bad at this

Wow, I am sure that no one reads my blog because I NEVER EVER POST!!! So right now Vance and I are spending time together at his best friends apartment. We are currently getting all of our exercise from "Rockband." I must say that I am an amazing drummer. And my foot gets some great movement. Soon one leg will be bigger than the other. We have also discovered that if we don't blink enough when we play our eyes get dry and we get headaches.
So you all must be now thinking that we are lame and lazy...well we live in Rexburg, ID. This is the place that April (rain) showers are actually snow and hail showers. For instance Monday was a perfectly normal day and I was just doing my thing with my flip flops on. Then out of no where hail and snow come pouring down on me!!! Ok I am now done venting about cold weather and nothing to do.
Vance will be done with winter semester on Friday!!! Vance has interviewed with four different companies to intern with over the summer. Three are based in Idaho Falls and one in Blackfoot. So we are just waiting to hear back. Because of my schooling we will not be moving until we are completely done with school.
Well I am tired so I will write something more interesting later...