Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Happy Birthdays!!!

Vance turned 26 on Saturday! We went out and did some fun stuff during the day and by dinner time we were starving. We went to a place called Buffalo Bills Wild Wings. So we were eating and having a great time. The waitress comes by towards the end and asks us if we wanted any dessert. I told her we would pass because I had a birthday cake at home. She quickly asked Vance how old he was and of course he said 26! She called him a liar and said there was no way he was that old. She thought he was no older than 19 until she saw the drivers license. So I decided to have her take a guess at my age....16. Yep we can fool em' all!
And happy birthday to my wonderful mother! I hope your day was wonderful and I wish that I could have been with you!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our poor Honda part 2

Well these birds left two ginormous white turds on our front and rear bumper. Oddly enough they look just like Texas License plates. Go figure even the birds here must love Texas.

Our poor Honda

So I know everyone has seen or been in our Honda at one point or another. Well... most of you know that last Febuary I got a free ski pass (compliments of Ryan) at Kelly Canyon (the local ski resort). It was a great day until Ryans mom dislocated her thumb and was hanging out in the ski patol. I remembered that I had some ibuprophine in the car and went to go get it just to discover that my car had the passenger window broke out and lots of things stolen.
Well just last Thursday I found a sticker on my window telling me that they were going to tow my car in 10 days if I did not fix my expired license tags (they were not expired the tow guy does not know how to read idaho plates). I figured I should get the car registered here anyway, that way they would have no reason to tow my car. Well Friday morning I woke up early to get my cars safety and emmisions inspections when I saw my passanger window broke out again, ugh. This time they only took the CD player. We really do not like theifs because they seem to like our car.