Saturday, June 8, 2013

I birthed a baby

Stella Fay Bowman
October 29, 2011
6 lbs 1 oz

I finished my last day at the salon on Friday October 28.  It was 3 weeks before our baby girls due date.  That evening we picked up some clothes for the babe and ordered some of the important things like: a pack n play, crib mattress, sheets.  You know those things that are helpful when you have a little one.  
I woke up at about 2 am Saturday morning  feeling a little damp in my nether-regions. I never my entire pregnancy had peed my pants and was pretty sure my water broke.  I laid back down and at about 4 am had Vance up running around (he was more freaked out than me) getting things put together.  
We got to the hospital and checked into triage.  The nurse was pretty sure my water had NOT broke.  So she stuck her hand up me and low and behold I gushed water everywhere, which I profusely apologized for.  The nurse quickly changed her mind and got me officially admitted.  I was given my epidural and Vance and I both fell asleep.  Around 9 am the nurse told me it was time to push.  Vance got up and put his game face on, seriously he was so into this whole birthing thing. At 9:55am Stella Fay Bowman was born.  Vance quickly declared that she was his child, like there was some kind of doubt.  Love him so much.  
There were some complications after the delivery so I got to hold my sweet baby for about 10 seconds.  My body wouldn't clot properly and my uterus wouldn't contract.  I was given a medication that was supposed to help the clotting but instead I almost stroked out.  The pain I experienced from my blood pressure skyrocketing was far worse than having a baby .  When I stabilized they brought us our sweet baby girl and that is when we named her. She had the most beautiful red hair and blue eyes.  She was tiny and perfect. Shortly after the nurse took her back to get checked by the doctor.  They found that her oxygen levels weren't stabilizing, so they admitted her to the NICU.  Upon further testing they found that she had 2 holes in her heart.
We were eventually discharged and sent home.  The first year of Stella's life was chaotic.  One of the two holes in her heart has completely closed. The other will be checked again when she is around 6 years old.  She wasn't really growing or gaining weight.  We realized that she was allergic to milk protein.  But when we eliminated that she was still struggling so we were sent to the GI doctor.  After specialists and tests for things like cystic fibrosis, we discovered that she reacted severely to corn and any byproduct of it. At 10 months she had tubes put in her ears. 
 I was overwhelmed as a new mother.  But luckily I have an amazing husband, family and friends who were there for the entire journey.  They were on the other end of the phone listening to me freak out and cry about the "what if's" that came to mind. 
Stella is now 19 months and the craziest little red head.  She is all muscle, not little fat rolls to be found on her.  She is an insane dancer.  She loves to brush her teeth and hair.  She babbles and runs around everywhere. And she manages to drive me crazy and melt my heart all at the same time.  I love her.  And her daddy loves her.


Lance Kristi and Trey said...

Love this story. And glad that everyone is now doing well:) And LOVE that picture of Stella. What a sweet little girl.

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